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When you or a family member receives a diagnosis of cancer or a chronic illness, we understand how scary the unknowns can be. At the Troy Regional Cancer Center, our dedicated team of doctors and nurses work together to ensure effective, quality treatment for all patients. Whether a patient is in Infusion Clinic for an injection or a chemotherapy treatment, our top goals are patient safety and satisfaction. With board certified physicians, certified chemotherapy nurses, and staff both in the Cancer Center and in our clinic, we are proud to provide a safe, compassionate environment during what can be a very unsettling time.

Chemotherapy is a common treatment for many different types of cancer. We designed a comfortable, healing environment for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy, given orally or through a vein, uses powerful drugs to destroy cancer cells in the body. If chemotherapy is part of your treatment plan, we will work with you to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Our staff members are warm and knowledgeable and give you the personal attention you need during your treatment.

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Astrid Belalcazar, MD

Hematology, Oncology
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Tom Brown, MD

Hematology, Oncology
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Infusion therapy: Why Choose Troy Regional Cancer Center

We offer infusion therapy in an environment of care and comfort:

  • Convenience: We are located on the second floor of Troy Regional Medical Center with easy drop-off, transport upstairs and special access parking.
  • Outpatient care: Chemotherapy does not typically require a hospital stay. Patients receive the advanced care required at our infusion center, then return to the comfort of your home when you are finished.
  • Specialized treatment: We find the right type of chemotherapy medication that will be most effective for you as prescribed by your hematologist/oncologist.
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  • Dedicated staff: Our nurses have dedicated their careers to helping patients have a safe and comfortable chemotherapy/infusion experience. They are experts at helping people manage the side effects, giving each person individualized attention. Often, patients work with the same highly trained nurse at each visit.
  • Private room: We offer access to a private room if the patient requires additional privacy.
  • Discretion combined with quick access to nurses: The unique “pod” design gives you everything you need. Each pod affords privacy to individual patients while facing the central nursing station. This design means that we can quickly respond to you when you need us, while assuring your privacy.

Your health, comfort and concerns are our number one priority.

For questions or concerns during office hours, please contact us at 334-670-5001; scheduling needs call 334-670-5003; to reach Dr. Tom Brown or Dr. Astrid Belalcazar please call 334-670-5270.


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