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If you have any questions please call 670-5000 and ask to speak with the Compliance Officer or the Privacy Officer.

This notice applies to:
This notice applies to the workforce, students, volunteers in all departments, clinics, home health, hospital and medical staff of The Troy Hospital Health Care Authority, d/b/a, Troy Regional Medical Center and Troy Regional Physician’s, Inc. (collectively known as “TRMC”).

What Are Our Responsibilities To You?
We are required by law to protect the privacy of your health information, whether verbal, on paper or electronically, and will only release this information as allowed by law or with special written permission (authorization) from you. We use the minimal amount of health information needed to do our work. Only those who need your health information to provide services are allowed to use it.

How Do We Use And Release Your Health Information?
Your information will most often be used, shared or disclosed in a secure electronic format. The following section explains some of the ways we are permitted to use and release health information without authorization from you.

Treatment Purposes
While we are providing you with health care services, we may need to share your health information with other health care providers or other individuals who are involved in your treatment. Examples include doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, therapists, nurses and labs that are involved in your care.

Payment Purposes
TRMC may need to share a limited amount of your health information to obtain or provide payment for the health care services provided to you, such as to your insurance company. We may be required to release your health information to the appropriate persons to comply with the laws related to workers’ compensation or similar programs that provide benefits for work related injuries or illness.

Health Care Operations Purposes
TRMC may need to share your health information in the course of conducting health care business activities that are related to providing health care to you.
Examples include:
Quality Improvement Activities
 – TRMC may use and release health information to improve the quality or the cost of care. This may include performing audits, reviewing the treatment and payment of services provided to you.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention – We may use your health information to send you information about disease prevention and health care options.

Case Management and Referral – In order to assist in your continued care through agencies such as home health, physical therapy, medical equipment companies or skilled nursing facilities, we may be required to release your health information to them.

Fund-Raising and Marketing Purposes -We may contact you to support TRMC in its mission to provide quality health care and education. We may ask to use your health information for products or services where we encourage, promote or advertise a product or service in which TRMC receives financial incentive or payment, or that encourages a change in product or service use. Marketing does not include health promotion and disease prevention. If you do not want TRMC to contact you about fund-raising or marketing, please call 670-5487.

Appointment Reminders – TRMC may use your health records to remind you of recommended services, treatments or scheduled appointments.

Business Associates – There are some services provided at TRMC through contracts with Business Associates, such as computer operating companies and record storage companies. Business Associates are required by federal law to protect your health information.

Other Purposes
Required by Law – Sometimes we must report some of your health information to legal officials or authorities, such as law enforcement officials, court officials, governmental agencies or attorneys as required by law or if we believe, in good faith that such release is necessary to prevent or minimize a serious threat to anyone’s health or safety.
Public Health Activities – We may be required to report your health information to authorities to help prevent or control disease, injury or disability. Examples include reporting births or deaths, certain diseases or information related to child abuse or neglect. We may also have to report to your employer certain work-related illnesses and injuries so that your workplace can be monitored for safety.

Health Oversight Agencies – We may be required to release health information to authorities so they can monitor, investigate, inspect, discipline or license those who work in the health-care system, or for governmental benefit programs.

Activities Related to Death – In the event of your death, we may be required to release health information to coroners, medical examiners or funeral directors so they can carry out their duties. If you are an organ donor, we may also need to release your information to those involved in obtaining, storing or transplanting organs, eyes or tissue.

Persons Involved in Your Care – In certain situations, we may release health information about you to persons involved with your care, such as friends or family members. We may also give information to someone who helps pay for your care. You have the right to approve such releases, unless you are unable to function, or if there is an emergency.

Notification/Disaster Relief Purposes – In certain situations, we may share your health information with the American Red Cross or another similar disaster relief agency to help the agency locate persons affected by the disaster.

Directory Information – Except for emergency situations or when you object, we may share your location and general condition with persons, including clergy, who request information about you by name.

When Is Your Authorization Required?

We must obtain your authorization for any releases of your health information other than those listed in this notice. You may cancel that authorization in writing at any time by contacting the Privacy Officer.

What Are Your Rights Regarding Your Health Information?

Right to Receive This Notice of Privacy Practices – You have the right to receive a paper copy of this notice at any time. You may obtain a copy of the current notice in the admissions department or by visiting our website at
Right to Request Confidential Communications – You have the right to ask that we communicate your health information to you in different ways or locations. We will do this whenever it is reasonably possible. You can find out how to make such a request by contacting the Privacy Officer.

Right to Request Restrictions – You have the right to request restrictions or limitations on how your health information is used or released. We have the right to deny your request. If you have paid for a health care item or service in full, out of pocket, we must honor your request to restrict information from being disclosed to a health plan for purposes of payment or operations. You may obtain information about how to ask for a restriction on the use or release of your information by contacting the Privacy Officer.

Right to Access – With a few exceptions, you have the right to review and receive a copy of your health information. Some of the exceptions include: Psychotherapy notes, information gathered for court proceedings and any information your provider feels would cause you to commit serious harm to yourself or to others.
To find out how to receive a copy of your record, you may visit or call the Release of Information office at 670-5481. This office will provide you with the necessary forms and assistance. We may charge you a fee to copy and/ or mail your health record. If you are denied access to your health record for any reason, TRMC will tell you the reason.

Right to Amend – You have the right to ask that the information in your health record be changed if it is not correct or complete. You must provide the reason why you are asking for a change. You may request a change by sending a request in writing to the Privacy Officer. This officer will provide you with the necessary forms and assistance. We may deny your request if: We did not create the information, we do not keep the information, you are not allowed to see or copy the information, or the information is already correct and complete.

Right to a Record of Releases – You have the right to ask for a list of releases of your health information by sending a request in writing to the Privacy Officer. Your request may not include dates earlier than the six years prior to the date of your request. The list will contain only information that is required by law. This list will not include releases for treatment, payment, health care operations or releases that you have authorized.

Right to be Notified of a Breach – You have the right to be notified upon a breach of any of your unsecured Protected Health Information.


If you believe that your privacy rights have been violated, you may file a complaint with TRMC by calling the Compliance Officer or Privacy Officer at 670-5000 or at the numbers listed below or by contacting the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. You will not be denied treatment or penalized in any way if you file a complaint.

Compliance Officer: Alice Teal, 334-670-5520
Privacy Officer: Alice Teal, 334-670-5520

Revision Date: Sept. 23, 2013
Effective Date: April 14, 2003

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