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Medical Detox Unit

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Medical Detox Unit

Inpatient treatment for medical detox is often the first step in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Inpatient medical detoxification is a controlled and medically supervised withdrawal from addicting drugs and alcohol under the care of a physician. Troy Regional Medical Center offers a safe and effective inpatient detox program that is supervised by a board-certified Addictive Medicine Specialist seven days a week and provides 24-hour nursing care.

Care During Your Stay

Your care is managed by physicians, registered nurses, and alcohol and drug abuse counselors. This team provides individualized attention to your needs, while ensuring you are as comfortable as possible throughout your stay. The staff is also equipped to evaluate other medical conditions you may have or that arise during your stay. During the detoxification process, patients will have the opportunity to attend group as well as individual sessions where they will gain an insight into the disease of addiction, develop refusal skills, and develop a relapse prevention plan.

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The average inpatient stay is three to five days and is based on your individual needs. Factors that affect your length of stay:

  • Length and consistency of abuse
  • Amount of substance consumed
  • Severity of withdrawal symptoms
  • Other medical conditions you may have

After medical symptoms of detox have subsided, there are several resources available to ensure your journey to sobriety and recovery is a success. We also have seamless connections to residential living facilities or intensive outpatient treatment programs, should that be required as part of your treatment plan. Every effort is made by our staff to ensure a continuum of care where the opportunity to regain sobriety is first in our treatment plan and the desire for long-term sobriety is the goal…which can be achieved one day at a time.

Are you ready to take the first step to a healthier life? For information on how to get started, call our 24-hour number at 334-670-5281 or 256-276-3357.


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