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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

At Troy Regional Medical Center, our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants are focused on addressing patient concerns and improving quality of life. At evaluation, our physical therapists begin with an assessment that may include a sequence of tests and measures to determine muscle strength, joint range of motion, postural alignment, and abnormalities in movement patterns, gait, and body mechanics. This assessment also addresses quality of functional activities of daily living, sensation, balance, coordination, endurance, and nerve function.

Under direction of our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants, a range of exercises and treatment programs will be utilized to meet specific needs in an effort to reach patient goals. Treatment plans may include:

  • Therapeutic procedures to restore functional mobility and strength
  • Neuromuscular re-education to improve balance and posture
  • Manual techniques to improve joint and soft tissue mobility
  • Modalities to decrease inflammation, edema, and pain
  • Gait and functional movement training to improve body mechanics and prevent further injury and pain

Physical therapy is available for both acute care and swing bed settings at TRMC. On-site outpatient physical therapy is also available to serve the Medicaid community specifically.

For more information about the department or to send a patient referral, please contact 334-670-5035 or send via fax to 334-670-5556.


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