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Senior Behavioral Care Center

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This 18-bed acute inpatient geropsychiatric unit cares for patients who are 55 and older with psychiatric diagnoses such as clinical depression; suicidal thoughts or attempt; homicidal thoughts with poor impulse control; assaultive/destructive behavior; and/or psychiatric symptoms severe enough to cause disordered, bizarre behavior resulting in significant interference with activities of daily living.

The unit’s professional, multidisciplinary treatment team guides the patient and family toward alternative coping skills and caregiving skills; evaluates medications; promotes wellness; and strives to achieve the optimum level of functioning possible for each patient.

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We encourage patients and their families to take an active role in the treatment and recovery process. The staff designs an individual treatment plan, with the intention of increasing the patient’s ability to function in their everyday life. The program provides a positive and supportive environment to help patients achieve their optimal level of health and wellness.

Confidential Intake Evaluations are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Following a comprehensive intake evaluation, the TRMC Senior Behavioral Care Center team decides the most appropriate inpatient treatment for the patients. Persons who will benefit from care are admitted upon approval and acceptance from the staff psychiatrist.

Clinical treatment starts with a complete evaluation, including determining an individual’s psychiatric, physical, psychosocial and medical status. Individual and group counseling are the cornerstones of treatment, combined with recreational activities and health awareness groups. The program is designed to teach alternative skills for coping and caring for self. Also, evaluating the effectiveness of medications and promoting wellness help each patient achieve the best level of functioning.

Daily programming is structured and diverse with the focus on goal-oriented therapy. TRMC Senior Behavioral Care Center offers topics that will benefit participants in achieving mental health. These groups include coping skills, managing anger, dealing with grief, medication education, self care, and recreational and reminiscence therapy.

TRMC Senior Behavioral Care Center places a high priority on family education. Discharge planning is a joint effort by the social service staff, who works with the physician and community organizations to ensure a smooth transition for the patient returning to the community.

Our services are covered by Medicare and many other insurance companies. Our staff will be happy to assist you in determining what services your insurance company allows.

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